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Brian Taylor joins Evan to discuss the referential British TV comedy Spaced. Topics include romance, raves, and the proper term for canine actors. Continue reading

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Silent Hill 2

Brian Taylor joins Evan to discuss Silent Hill 2 reasonably close to its 10th birthday and well in time for its HD re-release. They talk about video game maps, deep psychological problems, that puckish Shiba Inu, and more. Continue reading

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The Baxter

Brian Taylor joins Evan to discuss Michael Showalter’s The Baxter, the “Howard Zinn romantic comedy.” Evan uses it as an opportunity to hate on Sleepless in Seattle a lot, and Brian expresses his undying admiration of Paul Rudd. They also talk about dubious film descriptions on Netflix and IMDb, and take a quick trip into the semiotics rabbit hole.

(Evan says “heuristics.” But he means semiotics.) Continue reading

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Dead Space: Extraction

Evan and Brian Taylor discuss Dead Space: Extraction, one of their choices for “best games that nobody played.” On the way, they fall victim to the fanboy siren song of Dead Space’s extended universe, discuss the relative merits of bum fights, and sit in awe of what may be the epitome of Wii motion controls. Continue reading

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