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Shadows of the Damned

Natalie Pershall returns to discuss another crazy Japanese horror game; this time it’s Grasshopper Manufacture’s Shadows of the Damned, an excellent game that nobody bought. They talk about rapping skulls, crazy exploitation, and try to figure out why they love this game but hate Duke Nukem Forever despite the fact that they both rely so heavily on poop and dick jokes. Continue reading

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Mass Effect

Evan and Dan Hsu discuss Bioware’s Mass Effect, a game so good they had to wait three years before they were sufficiently prepared to finish it. They also talk a little bit about their quarantined backlogs, and way too much about virtual sex with aliens. Continue reading

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The Saboteur

Evan and Tom Heistuman talk about Pandemic’s swan song The Saboteur, including the necessity of fast travel, the importance of good video game music, and what exactly constitutes “too Irish.” Continue reading

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Dead Space: Extraction

Evan and Brian Taylor discuss Dead Space: Extraction, one of their choices for “best games that nobody played.” On the way, they fall victim to the fanboy siren song of Dead Space’s extended universe, discuss the relative merits of bum fights, and sit in awe of what may be the epitome of Wii motion controls. Continue reading

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