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The TPCS Halloween Spectacular

This Podcast Contains Spoilers is back with a scary-sized tribute to Halloween, the only fun holiday.

James DeRosa returns to listen patiently while Evan goes through the complete list of spooky movies he’s watched this month, and then they join forces to decide once and for all what the ultimate horror movie monster is.
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Bonus episode 2: Turbo Kid

Just in time for this year’s Extra Life charity gaming marathon comes the second bonus episode Evan promised to record after last year’s event. James DeRosa returns to the second chair, and the two of them discuss the ’80s-loving, post-apocalyptic comedy Turbo Kid. Topics include robot wars, practical effects, and a heartfelt goodbye to a very special friend.

If you want more episodes, Evan will do another for every $250 he raises for his hospital this year. Donate at his Extra Life page. Continue reading

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Bonus Episode 1: Nightcrawler

James DeRosa returns for the first of two bonus episodes coming thanks to some very generous donations to Evan’s 2014 Extra Life campaign. They discuss Nightcrawler, which is just a light, fluffy, cheerful movie.

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Remakes, Reboots, Sequels, and Prequels

Sophist Radio‘s James DeRosa joins Evan yet again, and they talk about their favorite (and not-favorite) things based off of or immediately following/preceding other things. Topics include science fiction, video games, and the pitfalls of using numbers instead of letters. Continue reading

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Sophist Radio‘s James DeRosa joins Evan to discuss Phil Fish’s mind-bending puzzle game, Fez. Topics include hidden messages, homemade decoders, and House moments. Continue reading

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Evan and Sophist Radio‘s James DeRosa discuss Nicolas Winding Refn’s vaguely car-focused film Drive. Topics include frivolous lawsuits, 80’s nostalgia, and Oscar Fever. Continue reading

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Bubba Ho-Tep

Sophist Radio‘s James DeRosa is back yet again; he and Evan discuss the epic battle between cultural/political icons and the walking dead in Don Coscarelli’s dramatic horror-comedy Bubba Ho-Tep. Topics include hero walks, the elderly, and when exactly it is appropriate to make a dick joke. Continue reading

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Her Smoke Rose Up Forever

Evan and James DeRosa discuss ten stories from James Tiptree, Jr.’s collection Her Smoke Rose Up Forever. It takes a while. Continue reading

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Evan and Sophist Radio‘s James DeRosa embark upon a tri-level discussion of Christopher Nolan’s Inception. As they sink farther into the depths of the podcast, they talk about dream imagery both good and bad, the heist formula, and that f@¢#ing Top Scene.

They also say “BWAAAH” a few more times than is necessary. Continue reading

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