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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Evan and Chris Whittington discuss Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Ant-Man, Samuel L. Jackson, evil exes, actual X’s, video games, Michael Cera, and self-respect. Then, Evan wraps it all up with a crazy story from a scrappier time. Continue reading

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The Baxter

Brian Taylor joins Evan to discuss Michael Showalter’s The Baxter, the “Howard Zinn romantic comedy.” Evan uses it as an opportunity to hate on Sleepless in Seattle a lot, and Brian expresses his undying admiration of Paul Rudd. They also talk about dubious film descriptions on Netflix and IMDb, and take a quick trip into the semiotics rabbit hole.

(Evan says “heuristics.” But he means semiotics.) Continue reading

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Quentin Tarantino

Long-time e-mailer Matt Giguere joins Evan to discuss the films of Quentin Tarantino in the longest episode yet (it’s still shorter than the average Tarantino movie, but still). Matt talks about kung-fu movies, Evan gets really upset about a Robert Frost poem, and they both get grossed out by feet.

With special guest star Tom Heistuman. Continue reading

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Evan and Sophist Radio‘s James DeRosa embark upon a tri-level discussion of Christopher Nolan’s Inception. As they sink farther into the depths of the podcast, they talk about dream imagery both good and bad, the heist formula, and that f@¢#ing Top Scene.

They also say “BWAAAH” a few more times than is necessary. Continue reading

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The TPCS Special Holiday Specials Special

In an especially festive episode, Evan and Brett Bates talk about their favorite (and least favorite) holiday specials and movies. They also read some listener e-mails, explain why Elf is the Ultimate Christmas Movie, and subject themselves to the worst holiday special of all time.

Happy Wishmas. Continue reading

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In the longest, least safe-for-work episode yet, Evan and Frank Anderson take it upon themselves to try to explain why the Saw movies are worth watching, despite what marketing has led you to believe. They also come up with some game ideas, discuss the past and current state of horror films, and expose Twilight’s single most nefarious contribution to culture. Continue reading

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John Carpenter’s The Thing

World 8 Podcast co-host Chase Koeneke joins Evan to talk about John Carpenter’s 1982 gross-out alien movie. After the worst intro in the history of the show, they pull it together and discuss the film, its disappointing video game “sequel,” their own ideas for what to do with the license, and the upcoming prequel of the same name. Continue reading

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Time Travel in Media

In a slight break from normality, Evan and Sophist Radio co-host James DeRosa join forces to talk about time travel in media. They cover so much ground it’s not even funny. But then they talk some shit about time travel movies they hate, and that’s kind of funny. Continue reading

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